Jaguar Website

HTML, Python, Django
Scope of Work
Frontend, CMS, Backend, Server Configuration, Technical Consultation

With over 80 years of history, Jaguar has established itself as a luxury and performance brand with offerings such as the iconic Jaguar E-type and XJ series in the 60s or the sleek XK8 in the 90s. In modern times, the brand has evolved itself for the new millennium while taking inspiration from its history with models such as the 2006 XK and the 2016 F-Type, vehicles that would live up to Jaguar's tagline, "The Art of Performance".


As part of its commitment to the South East Asian market, the brand wanted to have a website that could deliver country-specific content within the region, which called for a CMS-based solution where through the use of a custom country filter, website administrators would be able to control the content that was being provided to the respective countries and markets.