Land Rover Unfinished Journeys Microsite

HTML, Python, Django, Ember.js
Scope of Work
UX/UI, Frontend, CMS, Backend, Server Configuration, Technical Consultation

The iconic Land Rover was designed to take on any journey. As it nears the end of its run 67 years later, we invite all of you to finish any Unfinished Journeys that have yet to be fulfilled. Sign up now and share your Unfinished Journey on the world map as well as view the special journeys that others have completed.

Unfinished Journeys made use of a custom world map that was designed and published using Mapbox’s open source mapping platform. The microsite utilized ember.js to ensure that navigation through user submissions would always be snappy and each post was integrated with social media sharing functions so that users could easily share their posts on their preferred social media platform.